Member Incharge

S. Manjit Singh Dhillon
Member Incharge

Learning is the only thing by which the mind never exhausts , never fears and never regrets.

In today’s competitive technological world, to keep ourselves on the world’s toes ,learning new things is an inseparable part of our daily life. Opportunities keep coming like sunshine, if you know what to grab ,you will never lose the competitive race . For this one should always keep learning to cherish knowledge, skills and competencies.

Gone are the days when schools were meant just learning the events given in ahistory chapter or solving tough mathematical problems . Now -a-days school has become the first stepping stone in the life of achild ,where in he/she learns a more than just rote learning .

At the Wisdom tree- A Futuristic school,we diligently follow the four pillars of education ,endeavoring to groom our students in to becoming wholesome personalities ,guide and nurture the students to understand the world around them, develop an openness to the knowledge of one’s own and the others and that is what keep him away from ignorance.

We aim to empower our children in such a manner that they act as representative of a meaningful and value based a society . Our pedagogy ,which is holistic and comprehensive complements this.

S. Adarsh Pinder Singh Maan
Member Incharge

“Confidence is your best accessory because it is silent whereas insecurities are loud”

It gives me immense pleasure to present this pioneer institution in education. Education today does not merely mean the cultivation of memory, which gives students a technique to get jobs or to earn livelihood but to prepare the students to  be winners, keen learners, progressive thinkers, good communicators and responsible citizens

WeatCKDCS build the characters and shape the personalities of students. All Children are  unique creations of God and our aim is to preserve their uniqueness by providing them a platform to enhance their personalities and unchain their inner strength.

Don’t forget one thing that all successful people have in common is thatthey are different than everyone around them.

As I glance back at the performance of the children in various activities during the last academic year, be at curricular, co-curricular I can confidently say that our students have certainly made us, parents and teachers proud of their achievements.

May you all continue to scale greater and insurmountable heights of excellence. I take this opportunity to congratulate the principal, staff and students; every effort of the team is highly appreciable who has contributed towards making learning so meaningful.